In 2009, Hila Harel founded H2D Studio Architectural Lighting Design. Hila holds a bachelor’s in interior design.

She started her lighting carrier at the award winning lighting design firm, Fisher Marantz Stone, where she gained experience in a wide verity of projects. Some of these projects include lighting design for the World Trade Center Memorial, the WTC museum, the Burj Dubai, Venetian hotel, and Harvard Law School.

Hila’s experience in design, art and architecture, in addition to technical lighting, allows her to look at each project with an artistic eye, stay true to the architectural concept and find creative technical lighting solutions.

Light is the material that sets the mood in a space. At H2D Studio, we use light and shadow to enhance the architectural concept, reveal it’s beauty, and tell it’s story.
We work

Closely with our clients, architects and designers according to the project concept, budget and code. H2D Studio uses the latest lighting technology and science to create a seamless architectural experience.

We listen

Collaborate and meet our client needs while keeping a friendly work environment.

We are flexible

The design scope can be altered to meet the client’s needs.

We are responsive

We understand the importance of time, deadlines and communication.